About Our Team

The Cosmotronics Team comes from a wide background of experience and knowledge. We use this to provide you with customized solutions for your IT and Business Needs, no matter the size of your business.

Doug Williams – Owner

I’m proud to have built a great team of expert technicians who provide a high level of technical and consultation services for the business, medical, legal, construction and technical industries. With more than 30 years experience, Cosmotronics has been on the cutting edge of technology and equipment advances with the ability to meet and succeed in all new developments and challenges.
Much has changed in the last three decades. I keep it my mission to ensure we are on the front lines of what’s available next in business technology solutions to keep our customers ahead of the competition.
My biggest passion is real estate development – not in the flipping houses kind of way, but in creating property investments and driving the process from beginning to end. There’s nothing like seeing a house become alive again.
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Josh Brown – IT Manager

I was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. After attending the University of Montana in Missoula, where I earned my BA in Psychology, I returned to New York to work for Cosmotronics.
Over the last 14 years I have helped clients, both small and large, find solutions to all of their IT issues and concerns. My many years of experience allows me to provide everything from day-to-day desktop support to full network planning and implementation. I have worked extensively with every version of Windows from NT4 to 8.1 and from NT Server to Server 2012. I am our in-house expert on routers, firewalls and network security. In addition to my in-the-field experience I am A+ certified and have a Master’s degree in Information Systems.
In my free time I fly-fish and travel (mostly anywhere with mountains and trout). I play guitar, bass guitar and drums, but never all at once. I also have a large vegetable garden.
My goal, and Cosmotronics’ goal as a company, is to make your technology work for you, not the other way around. I believe that IT should help drive and support your business. I also believe that it is my job to make it so you rarely have to think about your IT infrastructure. I only sleep well when I know that my clients are well taken care of and happy with our service.
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Mat Mufaddi – Technical Advisor ML

After years of education where I obtained a degree in computer sciences, I landed a job with Cosmotronics where my real hands-on training began. That was six years ago. This position allowed me the
opportunity to implement my own customer centric ideals, based in the belief that the customer is always right.
In addition to my regular professional computer services career I have a great interest in automobiles, Computer Gaming, home electronics and automation. The computer gaming and home electronics has strengthened our services at Cosmotronics by allowing us to present high level computers and home electronics to our customers (including home surveillance). The automobiles, that’s just for fun.
My responsiveness and optimism is a big plus to accomplishing projects that come my way. I like to look at things as “glass half full” and always love a challenge. We are always looking to push towards new technology to make your business run smoothly and be the first at the best.
One of our new services is the Cabinet SAFE document management systems. This is a terrific product and I would truly welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the product. I have been through the training and would welcome the opportunity to do a presentation or demonstration for you.

Albert Soler – Senior Technical Advisor

As an experienced field technician, I am well versed in the day to day issues that confront users of technology. My goal is to work quickly and effectively to solve those issues and offer solutions for future advancement of the companies I work with.
With nearly 20 years of field experience, I have an eclectic, but ultimately pragmatic approach to problem solving.

“Not all problems are technological or have technological solutions.”


Erick Rosario – Senior Technical Advisor

I am a Sr. Network Engineer/Specialist/Adjunct who has truly enjoyed helping to provide the best possible service and support to Cosmotronic’s diverse client base for more than 10 years; and I have also enjoyed being part of a team that is comprised of progressive and results-oriented professionals that care about the quality of their work and believe in getting the job done right the first time!
I have an extensive background and experience supporting small to enterprise-sized environments and I have worked on many challenging projects; and I sincerely enjoy being able to provide a full range of support services to such a diverse assortment of clients and environments on a day to day basis.
In closing, it is a great pleasure on a personal and professional level to be a member of a team that is comprised of like-minded support professionals that always give their best and truly believe in what they do.

Gigi Fresiello – Office Manager

After many years of successful administrative work for both small and medium sized companies in the New York City and metropolitan areas, I returned and settled in at Cosmotronics and Compunet. Over the years I worked directly with the owner, and became the office manager with ever increasing responsibilities. During my tenure at Cosmotronics, I worked on many small business endeavors.
Some of my jobs, skills and responsibilities include:

  • Customer service – I am very customer oriented and always make the best effort to help customers in every way possible.
  • Billing management
  • Service processing
  • Interoffice communications
  • Office management and minor cost control
  • Ordering of supplies
  • Office organization
  • Assistance on project management for tech and real estate projects.
  • Liaison between owner and internal office personnel and suppliers.

One of the great things about Cosmotronics is that it gives me the flexibility and opportunity to be close to home to spend time with my husband and two small children. We enjoy spending our spare time together doing things such as hiking, biking and other outdoors activities.
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Mike Snyder – Director of Internet Services

Mike Snyder Web DevelopmentI have over 20 years experience researching consumers and business trends. I use this information to create and implement custom solutions for business of varying sizes. I’ve built from the ground up anything from a basic web presence and listings for a local business to a multi-level campaign funnel for an international corporation.
Beyond web development and site management, for the last 10+ years, I’ve worked directly with Google & Bing to create paid marketing campaigns for various organizations. I’ve also helped companies increase their visibility online using White Hat SEO techniques.
My goal is to diligently bring your business message to the right audience in all levels of the sales cycle.
When I’m out of the office, I love to play bass guitar, collect vinyl, go hiking with my wife and dogs, and am an avid amateur photographer.
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